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Ohmmmm….How come no one every told me how hard adulting would be? If there’s anything that puts the capital S in stress it’s worrying about clean shorts. Finding time to get a little yoga in is hard enough, you don’t wanna be that guy with an issue. Not only is that pretty gross, maybe even unsanitary, its really unnecessary. Stock up on Cottonelle, get your stress level in check and enter for a chance to win. Everyone around you will appreciate it. You’ve done your part in making the world a little better.

Cottonelle Go Commando Win A Trip

How would a trip to Miami with your favorite yoga partner make you feel?

Here’s a chance to win one! Don’t miss it, you only have until September 15, 2016 to enter.

In honor of National Yoga Month, Cottonelle is hosting the Namast’ay Clean Sweepstakes, providing a chance to win a VIP-access trip to Wanderlust Miami. Prizes include two VIP tickets, $1,000 in spending and access to VIP bathrooms (stocked with Cottonelle, of course!). See the official rules, cause you want to be eligible to win this relaxing getaway! Couldn’t you use a weekend away?

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Research from the larger Cottonelle Go Commando commercial program suggests that nearly two in five people (38%) have gone commando for fitness. Whether you choose to or not, Cottonelle wants yogis to know that only CleanRipple Texture is designed to clean better so that you can go commando in confidence

Don’t you feel just a little more zen now?

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