Freeze Pop Sabers For The Fourth

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Summer means lots and lots of frozen pops for our kids to enjoy. What they don’t enjoy is frozen fingers! When FamilyFun magazine sent this awesome idea over, I knew I had to make them and share them with you! Without further ado, may I present you with Freeze Pop Sabers! Feel the force of ice-cold refreshment—and keep hands unfrozen—with these felt cozies.



Supplies Needed:

Gray Felt

Black Felt

Colored Felt, leftover scraps in various colors are perfect for this!

Fabric Glue



For each, cut a 3- by 4-inch rectangle from gray felt. Fold it over a freeze pop and use fabric glue to seal the side and bottom edges. Clamp the fabric closed with binder clips or clothespins, if needed. Slip the felt off the pop. Glue on stripes and dots of black and colored felt. When your pop is frozen and the glue is dry, you’re ready to battle the heat!

This craft is easy and fun. We made at least a dozen so that we have enough available for when friends visit. The kids really love the theme of it and are even more happy that their hands don’t get cold. Sometimes it really is the little things that add so much to their day. They wanted to give me a BEST DAD AWARD for making these. I am humbled. Enjoy your pops even more this summer and leave a comment below and let me know how they turned out for you. I can pretty much guarantee these will be a hit in your backyard too!

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