Pulled Pork Awesomeness

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Tachy-porkia – A fast way to make pulled pork. My medical peeps will understand.  Or just call it- 4 hour pulled pork.  or- The fast and the porkious.

 Pulled Pork Awesomeness

As some of you are aware, good pulled pork takes time.  It needs to be slow cooked and gently caressed and eventually you will end up with a succulent masterpiece on a bun.  However sometimes you just don’t have the time it takes to do it that way and you have to modify the cooking…slightly.  This morning as my partner and I were doing our daily ambulance check he asked if I could make pulled pork for dinner.  I explained to him that the process to make good pulled pork would probably take 10-12 hours at least and unless we wanted to eat at midnight we would have to seek an alternative.

Now if you know of any one, or you have worked in the EMS field you may know we struggle with food choices all the time.  We know the fast food menus inside and out and do realize that there are healthier choices on those menus, but try eating a salad in the front seat of an ambulance…it’s not pretty.  So I try to give the guys a better alternative and also try to foster brotherhood by cooking meals for all of us to sit down to, or at least attempt to sit down to, and eat as a group.

So that brings me to today’s post.  I am going to make that pulled pork but I’m going to do it in a little different way.  It will be faster, hopefully just as good as, and surely better than some fast food burger and fries.

You will need the following:

2- Pork butts (local meat counter should have these in a two pack)

2- Onions (I use a sweet and a red and coarsely chop them)

2- 14.5 oz cans of chicken stock (unless you have pork stock then use that)

I used a little different rub for this particular recipe and I will explain why in a minute.  The ingredients are:

1- Cup sugar

1- Cup light brown sugar

2- Tbs of salt

2- Tbs of pepper

2- Tbs of seasoned salt

1- Tbs of garlic powder

1- Tbs of paprika More pulled pork awesomeness

Place a large stock pot on the stove; add a few table spoons of oil or olive oil and get that baby HOT! Next you need to rub those butts.  Make sure they are coated evenly and let them sit for a few while your pot is getting hot.  Once the pot is hot CAREFULLY lower the first butt fat side down and let it caramelize to a nice dark brown and then flip it over and do the same with the bottom and sides.  Next add your onions and fill the pot with the stock so the butt is covered ¾ of the way.  I cooked two butts so I stood them up on their sides with the bone up for easy removal later.

The reason I used more sugar in this particular rub is so as the butt cooks down, the liquid in the pot will basically become your base for your BBQ sauce that you will add after the pork is pulled.  So you are kind of accomplishing two tasks at once and thus further speeding up the whole process.  Now I am not a chef, I don’t claim to be, and have had no formal training as a chef.  So to all of my chef friends and readers I realize that my methods are not totally correct and I mean no disrespect to your world.

Bring the pot to an easy simmer and cover.  Cook until the butt is super tender and the bone pulls out with ease (Insert smiley face here).  Remove the butt from the pot and pull away!  I normally use a couple of forks and just go to town on that butt.  Just make sure it’s a nice consistency and will sit nice on a bun and hold the sauce.  Take the stock from the pot and add some vinegar, ketchup, grape jelly, orange soda, hot sauce, hell throw in the kitchen sink if you want.  Basically what I’m saying is you have a good base for a BBQ sauce.  So add your favorites to it and make it your own or just toss it and put a commercially bottled sauce on your pork and serve it up.  Total time for this meal was about 3 ½ to 4 hours and it turned out just as I thought…Awesome as usual.  The guys enjoyed it and it taste like it took a day to make when in fact it took a third of the time and was just as good.  Thanks for reading.

Do you eat your pulled pork au-natural or do you top it?