Shoutout To The Single Parents- Your Kids Will Realize All You Did

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Some days I wake up and actually sit up and pinch myself. Is this real? Am I really a DAD? How did this happen? (Don’t laugh, I know how it happened!) One thing that always brings me back to reality is thinking about all the ways my own dad made my childhood off the hook. He was a single dad and without him I wouldn’t be the father I am today. He was gosh-darn inspiring. The impact he had is so much more realized now that I have my own kids. If you’re one of the more than 12 million mothers and fathers are raising their children as single parents, just know someday your kids will realize all you did. It took me a while but this post proves it.

Please note: This discussion is brought to you by Angel Soft in partnership with the Motherhood. All opinions are my own.


Here’s 7 ways he took dadding to the next level, even when it wasn’t that cool to do. I hope these tips help you too.

Find something you both love to do

I love anything with a motor and my dad does too. He taught me things that I would have never learned in school. I can fix so much stuff now and I know I owe all of that to my dad. My own kids can fix stuff too. There’s something to be said for being handy with a toolbox! Whatever your hobby is, include your kids. They’ll remember.

Say I love you

He never left without saying it. Ever. He made sure I knew I was loved. I know that made me a better person. Those 3 little words can make a kid’s day.

The little things really do matter

This dude was like a Pinterest mom before there was Pinterest. I can’t imagine the one pot meals he would be cooking up had he had that resource. I came home to a hot meal even when he had to work. Every. Single. Day. Him and his electric skillet were the slow cooker of the 90’s. One of my favorite things to do now is to cook up a meal for my family.

Your kids grow up really fast

One thing I look back all the time was how he loved having us around. He appreciated us, really appreciated us. He made sure our friends were welcome all the time too. This is one of things that had a huge impact on me. I really take care to see the good in every age and stage.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

When I would fail at something or make a mistake, he wouldn’t go on about it. Moving forward is something he made a point of doing.

Listen more, talk less

He didn’t say very much at all. When he did talk we listened. We knew that if there was something he was speaking up about it was going to be important.

Keep a sense of humor about everything.

When you’re a single parent, you can’t either laugh or cry about the daily struggles. My dad made a point of seeing the joy in things, even the not so good. That outlook has made me so much more successful in everything I do. Looking back makes me realize just how much.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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Being any kind of parent is hard but I really want single parents to know how much it matters that they keep on keeping on. As a child of a single parent, I can vouch for that!

Do you have a single parent story? Tell me about it in the comments, we can learn so much from YOU!

Disclosure: This discussion is brought to you by Angel Soft in partnership with the Motherhood. All opinions are my own.